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Torto Valley the scary road in Douro

Torto Valley the scary road in Douro

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The Torto Valley is one of the best kept secrets of the Douro Valley

Follow me in the scary road curves of Torto Valley. This road connects Ervedosa do Douro to Bateiras, near the mouth of the Torto. And it is one of the best routes you can do around the Douro Valley.

It’s a two-way road but it only passes one car at a time.

Your attention should be fixed on the narrow road.

If you want to enjoy all this beauty turn off the car in the middle of the road. Pull the handbrake. Engage reverse gear and enjoy.

Prepare yourself for the worst

While driving always prepare for the worst. A car in the opposite direction. A truck loaded with grapes. Agricultural machinery. Or, workers who return home after a hard day’s work in the vineyards.

Be ready to do 200 meters in reverse. Reverse on a road that looks like a snake coiling down the mountain. A road with tight curves with more than 300º placed against cliffs with more than 30 meters.

I do not want to scare you but, you will have to look always for a point where two cars can cross.

Often you have to climb in to the middle of the vineyards which is not advisable to cars without four-wheel drive. Even better is an all terrain vehicle.

How to get to the Torto Valley

The river Torto is a tributary of the Douro River and is part of this wonder of the Douro valley.

I thought a lot before revealing this amazing place by the magnificence of its landscape.

There are places I reserve in my writings and this was one of them.

I reserve because I want to save them only for my clients.

I want to continue to be able to surprise but this is a place so beautiful that it seems a crime not to reveal it.

How to get there forgive me but I’m not going to say. I want that the Torto Valley remains a little more one of the best well kept secrets of the Douro Valley.

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