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The smell of spring

The smell of spring

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The smell of spring is all around us

Middle of April, the trees are covered with flowers here in Douro valley.

The smell of spring is all around us.

The happy birds are waking up very early in the day, announcing sunny but yet cold mornings.

The nights are still quite cold, for our standards, but nothing that a light jacket don’t solve.

After a smoggy and cold winter the heat of this spring sun is good for my soul. I think that the vineyards feel the same as me.

The vines are waking up from winter dormancy and the new leaves and branches are growing fast.

The vines are fast growers, we know, but is almost incredible seeing the rhythm they climb to the irons looking for their own place at Douro sun.

Last year was bad for almost all the fruit trees here. The rain and strong winds during the flowering damage the production of oranges, apples, peaches, cherries, almonds and olives.

This year it seems that’s going to be totally different. There are lots of flowers and small fruits in the trees. The nature is showing an incredible and powerful strength.

The first tourists start arriving in March but now with the Easter already at our door the few roads of Pinhão are bubbling of activity at lunch hour and all the afternoon.

My friends of the boat tour companies and in touristic small business are rushing to get everything ready for the new season.

It seems that this year in Douro valley everything is rushing towards the summer, even the nature.

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