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Douro Valley Wines

Douro Valley Wines

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Douro Valley Wines

I believe I’m not being presumptuous when I say that the Douro Valley Wines are extraordinary and unique.

I can not claim to be the world’s best, because it’s something I do not believe for any wine.

A good wine is a wine that we like

I learned recently with a famous Portuguese winemaker, that a good wine is a wine that we like. Said so this way so simple I could tell you that I like the wines of the Douro. And I like them more than from other regions and countries.

Douro Wines Sub-Regions diversity

The Douro Valley is now divided into three wine sub-regions, the Lower Corgo, High Corgo and the Douro Superior.

The question all people ask me is which one is the best.

The answer is difficult because the characteristics of each sub-region, soil, temperature, humidity, altitude, are reflected in different wines. Wines with their own personality.

In fact this diversity is in my view the very hallmark of the region. The factor that will make the Douro definitely and without complex as the beacon of world wines.

Here we are able to make totally different wines. The existing genetic variety in the vineyards and the blend culture that is rooted in the people, causes that two close neighbors could make high quality wines but completely different.

Douro Valley mono varietal wines

The trend in Douro Valley for mono varietal wines is now less and less frequent.

From the academic and pedagogical point of view mono varietal wines is an interesting concept. It allows to extend the wine market to a fringe of little informed consumers that successfully, with these wines, take the first steps in the wine tasting.

The complexity of Douro Valley Wines

Douro wines are for more enlightened and knowledgeable consumers. They are extraordinarily complex wines due to the blend in the vineyard and cellar and also the diverse terroir.

The landscape of vineyards on the slopes, on the terraces or in rows along the contour is the image of the wealth of aromas and flavors diversity.

It’s impossible to say which of the three sub-regions is the better. In the Douro blend tradition, producers seek to have grapes from various areas of the valley, which gives them a greater complexity.

The Douro wines are intense wines, soul wines, wines that are not afraid of difference. Free wines that resist the trends of standardization of tastes and flavors

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