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Douro Valley Spring

Douro Valley Spring

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Douro Valley Spring

In early Douro Valley spring the vines began to burst. They come up now in small bunches hanged in the still fragile branches of the vine.

The Spring after the cold Winter

This winter was dry but cold. The traditional rain of this season was infrequent and compared to an average year almost nonexistent.

With the beginning of April the temperatures increased. It’s already possible to wear a t-shirt all afternoon if you are prepared to the natural cooling of the end of the day.

This warming has been accompanied by some rain living up to the saying “In April  thousand waters”. That makes more sense in Portuguese because it rimes, but it means that April is the month of heavy rains

Rain of great importance right now to the vineyard and other crops because the soil moisture has almost disappeared and we began to be concerned about the possible effects of drought during the summer.

Douro Valley happy season

It is a joyous season with the presence of small  grape bunches on the vines, small olives in olive trees and flowering fruit trees, from the pink of peach and cherry trees and fragrant white flowers of the orange trees.

For those allergic to pollen is a difficult time because the floral intensity is immense. The cars and roads are covered with a tiny yellow powder and the bees begin to make their raids often.

Beginning of Douro Valley touristic season

It is also time to bottle the white wine of last year. I can assure that what I have proved, I approve.

April is also the start of the tourist season in the Douro Valley.

The cold and nakedness of the vines forced the visitors to stay away during the winter.

Now they are beginning to emerge as the flowers, quickly.

The first came in the Easter in the hotel cruise boats that cross the Douro river from Oporto to Barca d’Alva. Now in late April they arrive in all ways, boat, train, bus, motor home, car and even bicycle.

It’s start bubbling in so far asleep Douro Valley

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