Jorge Miguel Matias

My Car

Jorge Barefoot car

Jorge Barefoot car is the most unpretentious fleet that will drive you along mountains of Douro Valley.

My car is a Renault Traffic (9 seat van) with air conditioning.

Both Private Tours and Group Tours on Jorge Barefoot – Wine & Tours will be carried out in the the Renault Traffic Van. This car is unpretentious but comfortable and the air conditioning will help during the high temperatures the summer.

The tours at Jorge Barefoot

No luxury

About my car I have to be honest, it isn’t a luxury car. It’s a work car. Slow and heavy. But adapted to the bad roads in the area.

Good visibility

The car height is high and the windows are large. This will give you a more interesting perspective of the stunning scenery of the Douro.

Great Tours

What I propose to you is an integral experience. Experience in the environment that shape the character of landscapes, men and Douro Valley wines.

Jorge Barefoot fleet is exactly how my proposal of services is, honest, simple, without artifice or make-up.