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Douro Valley is burning

Douro Valley is burning

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Douro Valley is burning

Douro Valley is burning since June. Literally burning.

High temperatures that in some days almost reach 50ºC at the firing sun of middle afternoon.

Dry summer at Douro Valley

The vines and grapes were suffering a lot.

If it were not the strong July 6th storm and the things could go wrong on this coming harvest.

Even the resistant olive trees were shaking and feeling the effects of this 2017 dry summer.

Some yellow leaves here and there, some symptoms of burned fruits, some sad branches just hanged by the last solitaire molecule of water.

The storm of July 6th

But then the storm that brought in 20 minutes more water than a full rainy month of a heavy winter.

Aggressive rain and a piercing hail that knocked leaves and cracked grapes into the middle.

Especially in the high altitudes of Armamar, Sabrosa and Celeirós.

In some places some producers already made a forced early harvest directly to the ground.

After the storm comes the calm

One day after only the brown color of Pinhão river, the branches ripped off from the trees floating at Douro and the fainted mixture of sand and rocks along all the roads was remembering us this afternoon July storm.

The forest fires around Douro Valley

After the quick flood again the burning sun. And with him the forest fires around our wine region.

You are able to see the columns of smoke everywhere but the most impacting for us here in Pinhão, far from the fires, are the continuous planes flying over the Douro river catching water between Pinhão and Bateiras.

Astonishing sad spectacle.

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