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Why me?

Are you looking for a Douro Valley guide?

If you are looking for a Douro Valley guide I think you found him.


About me

My name is Jorge Miguel Matias.

Barefoot is not my real name. Barefoot is a nickname that my Irish friends from Cabanas the Tavira gave me when I was working as a boat tour skipper there.

They gave me that name because I was working barefoot all the time. Shoes are not an option when you are working in a boat with high temperatures and departing from a beach. Flip-flops would be a solution if I didn’t need to put my feet’s in the water. This wasn’t the case. So I was forced to wear no shoes.

The decision to keep this nickname in my business is a private matter that gives me inner strength. When I went to Algarve I was in the darkest period of my life. I’d lost my restaurant business after the crises of 2008. There was a big unemployment in Portugal and I was to old to get a job.

The only job that I was able to get was 600km away my hometown and my family.

I went there already with more than 45 yeas old, with the rains of April, living in a small and wheat tent and learning a job.

In 2013 due to family pressure I decided to look for a job near Porto and that’s how I landed at Pinhão. To work as a skipper in a Douro river cruise boat.

After two years working for others between April and October, I’ve decided to restart again as my own boss.

The meaning of Barefoot to me is the capacity to start over again with almost empty pockets and the ability to live with less.

Why you should choose me?

Certainly is not the luxury and comfort of my car, nor the formality and elegance of my services. This is exactly what I will not  give you.

Otherwise if you are looking for something informal and genuinely local you reached the right place.

Then how are my services?


An exclusive service away from the crowds, for you, your family or friends;

Unhurried and stress

Routes unhurried so you can enjoy your stay in the Douro Valley.

At the end of a busy day in Douro valley believe me that the last thing you will want is to leave;

Expert local guide

Tours with a specialized and truly local guide, someone who lives and works in the Douro. Someone who knows and participates in local community life and not someone who is only transporting tourists from Porto or Lisbon on a tour to the Douro valley.

My proposal to you

Here at Wine & Tours I propose to walk and guide my clients in a wonderful tour around the Douro Valley.

To do that with a peaceful mind, I think that I must warranty to my clients that they are travelling in a small group.

To me is the way to get some flexibility in the schedules, in the tours and also in the wine tasting.

Come with me to enjoy the wonderful world of Douro Valley.

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