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Douro valley door

Douro valley door

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Douro valley door

If you are arriving to Douro from Porto by train, Pala curve it will be your Douro Valley door. Start here your voyage to Portuguese wine country.

The Pala curve

Does who came to our valley by train, in the famous and extraordinary Douro line, will meet the Douro river at Pala curve.

Pala village is well known for the wonderful oranges rival of Algarve sweet ones.

You are gone recognize the place when you see a U curve in the road behind the railway. The next station that will make the Douro opening is Mosteiró.

Mosteiró train station

From this point stay watchful. We are not in Douro wine region yet but we are already in their prologue.

You are gone a see Caldas de Aregos and is beautiful river marina in the opposite margin.

The views are still wide, populated and covered with pine trees.

Transition from Verde to Douro Wine

We are in a transition zone from Verde to Douro wine.

In fact that’s not really a typical Verde here. Verde wines have traditionally high acidity and low alcohol levels. In this area the Verde wine is slightly different. They are Verdes for sure, but with their own personality.

The heat is already here, the grapes are sweeter and the wines more alcoholic and less acids.

It’s a sub region of Verde wine, in a way unfairly minored by the conventions. Minored for being between two well known and considered Portuguese wines, the Verde and the Douro, and without their characteristics. The wines here are transition wines.

Ermida train station

We pass Ermida. A place to see from you window.

In a moment the Douro river shrink in a granitic throat of tight curves. Douro Valley start  screaming for you now.

The rocks unfold and the landscape eases up. The vineyard starts to be present and we are in Rêde.

You arrive to Douro valley

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