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Douro Valley cork trees

Douro Valley cork trees

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Douro Valley cork trees

The Douro Valley cork trees, despite being considered as trees of the south of portugal, have resisted here for centuries.

Newly arrived to Douro Valley

I’m living in Pinhão for less than one year, and for that, I could be considered a newly arrived to Douro valley.

Being natural of Matosinhos in the north of Portugal a big part of my life was at south. Few years in Alentejo and ephemerally in Algarve.

To Douro I had came only twice. Despite the family link to wine world and the connection between Porto and Douro, this was, for me, a mere touristic destination.

Hazard or family approach necessity I see myself living in the heart of Douro valley.

The Douro Valley cork trees

In the beginning, with all the effervescence of the vine in the falling hills towards the Douro river, I didn’t realize that here and there was a resistant cork tree.

In my mind, cork were only in Alentejo where I lived for more than five years. And where my professional obligations drive me from time to times, for more than ten.

Finding them here was to me a overwhelming joy. It was a happy reunion with very old friends. Friends with many and common memories. We share the same affection for warm climates and burning sun.

The traditional Iberian bush, from north to south, was like the wild areas of Douro Valley. Made from dense trees and bushes, not very tall and extraordinary resistant to the lack of water.

Biblical Mediterranean landscape

To see the cork tree living together with the vine, the almond tree, the orange tree, the fig tree, the olive tree, the arbutus, holmoak tree, carried me the the biblical landscape and culture that our country share.

The cork tree is a symbol. A symbol of resistance, resistance to the difficulties, to the adversities and to the abuse.

But it’s also a symbol of this people that was able to rip from the rock the vine culture and a wine that have, for sure, a divine hand.

If I was a tree I would like to be a cork tree…

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