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Jorge Barefoot

My Boat

Why a Boat?

The decision to add a boat to my offer was a very difficult decision, given the current availability in Pinhão.

We have here an extensive and high quality offer.

But two sorts of reasons forced me to take this decision. One emotional, other economic.

Emotional reasons

Personal taste for boats and the boating.

Experience in this activity. I worked for five years as skipper on maritime-touristic boats.

This experience gave me competence as a sailor and brought me an extraordinary knowledge of the Douro River, especially in the section between the Régua and Valeira.

Economic reasons

I felt the need for a boat tour through the Douro river to complete the experience of my clients.

This experience has, in my opinion, to be private and not shared with a crowd of strangers.

Following this idea I made a serie of contacts between the various operators, but the values that I found to do private tours were prohibitive.

Douro boat tours at Jorge Barefoot

Given the impossibility of providing a private boat tour to an acceptable value I decided to get a small vessel, within my style and economic capacity.

A safe boat, comfortable but without luxuries.

My goal is to fill market gaps here in Pinhao.

From now on, you can count on me for your onboard lunch plans, picnic’s, stress free tours with the possibility to dive in the Douro river, alternative routes in the Douro or drink a tonic Port at sunset.

If you are looking for a private tour on the Douro river, away from the crowds or noisy groups, a flexible offer that can satisfy all your wishes, you can count on me and my boat is yours.