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Barefoot 4×4 first big trip

Barefoot 4×4 first big trip

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Barefoot 4×4 first big trip

This is the story of Barefoot 4×4 first big trip. After spending all my winter restoring my old car I was a  little anxious about this trip.

Beginning of the journey

Last May 4 I had a day off and I went to Porto. It was the first big trip of Barefoot 4×4 after the restore. I still have work to do on it but fortunately only cosmetic.

He behaved beautifully.

Returning to Pinhão

On returning to Pinhão, on May 5th, as I had to tow a boat I’ve decided to take the road that follows the the Douro River from Porto to Pinhão.

It is a difficult road and a lengthy journey that passes through Entre-os-Rios, Pala, Porto Rei, Alpendurada e Matos, Caldas de Resende Aregos and finally Pinhão.

A fantastic road, a very tiring journey. The Barefoot 4×4 already slow, toured the twists and curves of the Douro a snail’s pace. Pulling a trailer and a small yellow boat that will serve me to shoot beautiful landscapes that can be seen from the Douro tributaries like Pinhão river, Távora and Tedo.

I will not use to walk customers since it is a small boat of 3.70m with a capacity of 5 people and without the comfort of the ships for tourists that are moored to the pier of Pinhão.

It is basically a fishing boat.

Excuse this apart from the boat and will go back to the trip from Porto to Pinhao.

Contrasting Douro route

It is a contrasting route. Initially full of small villages, pine and eucalyptus forests. Which slowly add the orange trees next to Pala. Charged cherries in Resende. And at the end add the vineyard.

The cherry on this early May are in the beginning of production. The fruits alternating between green and red according to the place and the variety.

I caught some rain on the way. The weather this May is a little firmer than April but has been raining. Afternoons are awaken windy.

I took the trip to film the route. You can see on my Youtube channel a small sample of the final section between Régua and Pinhão on the road 222 which was recently considered the best road to drive.

That’s not, surely, the best but it is certainly a beautiful road. A road with stunning landscape among the vineyards of Cima-Corgo, the heart of the oldest wine region in the world, the Douro.

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