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Barefoot Center

Barefoot Center

Early on July 2017 and after two months working on it we made the inauguration of our store in Pinhão.

At the beginning it was only to be my office.

But, during the period of renovation, it became clear for me that I should go further with this idea.

What started as an office quickly developed to a wine & tours store and from there to the first shareconomy center of Douro valley.

How is going to work this first shareconomy Barefoot Center?

The store was rented to me and I’m the full legal responsible for all the costs.

Nevertheless we will try to support the project with the work and contribution of all the members of our community.

The equipments (boats, cars, kayaks, bicycles) are going to be shared between us.

For now two boats, one mine and the other owned by my friend Ricardo. And my two 4X4.

The costs of rents, electricity, inspections, gas, communications and all the maintenance it will be supported by our community center.

What are we going to offer in our Barefoot Center?

We are going to divide the business in two main branches. Tours and the Portuguese Products.

The first, is my actual business and all my services are for sale in this website or directly in our Barefoot Center. Just be careful, some tours, like Wine Tours, need to be booked previously and could be unavailable at Barefoot Center.

The second branch, the Portuguese Products is a new project and the business model is going to be developed until the end of 2017.

The idea behind Barefoot Center Tours Programs

Tourism is seasonal. Tourism in Portugal is seasonal. Tourism in Douro Valley is seasonal.

Who pays the seasonality of tourism is the people that works for the tours companies. They only work during the season (April-October) with salaries between the minimum wage (535€/month) and 700€/month.

I know what I’m talking about, before I decided to start my own business I worked four years for those kind of tours operators.

Every year after a winter without income I was starting the season completely broken.

The majority of my friends in the tours business still live like that now.

The idea behind Barefoot Center Tours Programs is providing to my colleagues and friends that want to escape from this poverty cycle a way to start their own business without the need to make investments or lend money from a bank.

With us they will be able to start with some means, some equipments and they only have to be dependent on their own capacity, knowledge and will.

For now we are only 2 of us. In the future we don’t know. Our door is always open for everybody that shares this idea that we will be stronger if we work together.

How are we going to divide the value of our Barefoot Center Tours between us?

When you buy a Tour with us you could be pretty shure how we are going to share the money between us:

  • 20% For the person that sold you the tour (online sales are going directly to support our Barefoot Center)
  • 40% To support the costs of our center (rents, electricity, inspections, gas, communications, new equipments, investments)
  • 40% For the person that is going to make the tour with you

Barefoot Center Portuguese Products

The Portuguese Products that we are going to sell at our Barefoot Center are going to be mainly Wine, Olive Oil, Almonds and Dry Figs from small producers from Douro Valley.

We are also going to sell some handicraft from Portuguese Craftsmen and avoid industrial replicas that unfortunately are so present in lots of stores near touristic places.

All the producers present at our Barefoot Center must be both socially and environmentally responsible and totally independent from big economical groups.

Buy local at Barefoot Center will help our cause